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Now tap the Enable Restrictions button at the top of the window. If the results of the first two horses are either or , you win. Unless otherwise specified, wagers placed on Live Soccer 1X2, Total Goals and Team Total Goals will be settled using the Regulation Time score, regardless of the score when the wager is sent in. Instead, it concentrates on hanging on to its lead. The organization said on Monday that home sales saw their fourth consecutive increase in August, rising 0. Restrictions in iOS allows you to set age limits on different types of content, from movies through to apps, TV shows, books and music.

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Bear in mind that this only works in Safari, so if the device has another browser installed then your kid will still be able to visit any website in that browser. Rather than blocking a website or two, you can take things a stage further and only allow access to a set list of websites. To set up a list of allowed websites, make sure Restrictions is turned on, and open the Settings app.

Using the Specific Websites Only feature, you can use — and add to — a whitelist of approved sites to keep your kid safe. Your kid can now browse only these websites in Safari; all other websites on the internet are blocked. You can also remove a site from the list by swiping left on the site and tapping Delete. As with Limit Adult Content, note that this feature only works in Safari.

However, if you share your device with your kid then this can be inconvenient. Restrictions in iOS allows you to set age limits on different types of content, from movies through to apps, TV shows, books and music.

Under the Allowed Content group, choose the type of content that you want to restrict, such as Apps. Tap the maximum age range that you want to allow. The Allowed Content group under Restrictions lets you set age limits for apps, movies and more. For example, age-inappropriate apps vanish from the home screen, and movies disappear from the Videos app.

Your kid can use Siri to dictate text, search the web, launch apps, and more. Generally Siri is squeaky-clean, but if it thinks it hears a rude word it will dutifully display it onscreen. Here are some things you can do:.

Did I mention that I like Toca Town?! Web searching can be a bit of a double-edged sword with kids. On the one hand, it provides an easy way to find out information on any topic under the Sun. When it comes to keeping your kids safe on the internet, YouTube can be a big problem. However, there are some things you can do to keep your kid safe from such videos:.

Meanwhile, Google is reportedly developing a version of YouTube for kids , so keep an eye on that one! Fortunately, there are a few ways you can lock down the device to prevent purchases:. Make sure that your Apple ID password is always needed for purchasing apps and other content. Younger kids often inadvertently delete apps from mobile devices. This can be doubly annoying if your app had a lot of saved data, since it will all be deleted along with the app! Naturally you want to be careful about what information your kid is sharing with the world.

For each one of these features, you can tap on its button to reveal a window showing all the apps that have access to that feature. You can use the Privacy restrictions to control which apps have access to features like photos and the microphone. In addition to the above privacy settings, you may also want to disable both the camera and FaceTime chat to prevent your kid uploading pictures of themselves or video chatting using FaceTime. Below is a mini-tutorial on sports betting, the types of football bets and football betting terms.

Straight bet - Amid all the fancy and lucrative-looking bets that are available, never lose sight of the value in a standard straight bet. You probably should learn and practice this bet often before learning any others, and it should be noted that people who bet for a living or a large portion of their income place straight bets almost exclusively.

The straight bet is simple: Say the Bears are a six-point favorite over the Lions and the total is To bet the Bears, you must "lay the points," meaning they must win by seven or more to cover and give you the win. Betting the underdog Lions, you are "taking" six points, and they can lose by five or fewer, or win the game outright, and you have a winning bet.

If the Bears win by exactly six, both sides "push" and all bets are returned. It's also a push if the final score equals 42, otherwise the over or under will win. Money line bet - If you are not interested in betting the point spread - although you should be, because it presents the best long-term value - another option available is the money line, in which you lay or take odds relative to the dollar with respect to your team winning or losing.

If you like favorites, you're going to be betting a lot to win a little. The money line will always be listed to the right of the point spread on the odds board in a sports book. Parlays - these might be the most popular bets out there, especially among novice and amateur bettors, perhaps because of the lure of betting a small amount for a potentially big payoff.

But they are fool's gold at best. Parlays involve wagering on two or more games on the same bet following the casino's pre-determined payout scale. Each game on a parlay must win for the bet to be a winner. This is how the sportsbooks make a lot of their money. For instance, let's say you want to bet a two-team parlay. However, the sportsbook is only going to pay you 2. The house vigorish - and your chances of winning - get worse with the more teams you add.

So while some sportsbooks will let you place a teamer with astronomical odds, you probably have a better chance of being struck by lighting - twice - before winning one. You are much better off sticking to two-team parlays exclusively, if you insist on taking poor odds and placing parlay wagers. Teaser bets - The teaser is so named because it, too, looks tempting, but if you allow yourself to get too seduced, you'll usually end up on the losing end.

The teaser bet gives or takes away extra points from the team you back. However, there are some good values with teaser bets if you know how and where to find them. For instance, the six-point teaser is an especially effective bet in the NFL, where most games are tightly contested and six points can make a world of difference.

For instance, in our previous example, the Bears would go from laying six points to simply needing to win if you put them on a teaser bet.

Conversely, Detroit backers could get 12 points instead of the starting six. This page requires JavaScript, which is not enabled on your browser. Doc's Sports Service When you bet on the money line , you are betting on one side to simply win. With the money line you just have to hope your team wins rather than cover a point spread. Of course, the one downside is having to risk more money to return the same amount that a point spread bet would net you.

When the point spread was invented in Chicago by Charles McNeil the money line took a backseat. In football the money line is often a popular choice for bettors who have been burned by last-second scoring that actually had no actual affect on the outcome of the game.

Money line bets tend to be even more popular with underdogs. A nice profit can be made if a touchdown or more underdog pulls off an outright win. When betting with a point spread you are wagering that a particular team will win or lose by a certain amount of points.

This pays out even-money minus the vigorish, or bookmakers take, which we will later explain further. To better understand how point spreads work let's look at a typical NFL oddsboard: If the final score happens to end up exactly on the number it's a tie, or 'push,' and you get your money back.

These are examples of 'side' betting with a point spread. There are also 'total' wagers that refer to the total amount of points scored by both teams. The optimal situation for bookmakers is to set odds that will attract an equal amount of money on both sides, thus limiting their exposure to any one particular result.

To further explain, consider two people make a bet on each side of a game without a bookmaker. In a perfect world if all bookmaker action was balanced, they would be guaranteed a nice profit because of the vig. Lines with a - before the number i. A should be read as: That does not mean you have to bet that much, it's just easiest to understand!

I was thinking about that a few days ago, more specifically wondering how to make them better. Ultimately, the question I ended up asking myself was this — if I could turn any anime into an online slot, which would it be? So, what series are suitable, in my opinion? The problem is that the circle of anime fans and the circle of online gamblers overlaps only a little bit, so we need to pick series which appeal to not only anime fans, but Westerners in general.

In addition, you can also make a Titan Slaying bonus game where you need to navigate Eren or Mikasa as they leap through the streets, picking a direction and hoping to dodge all the Titans, with every kill netting you more money. See, this slot designs itself! And besides that, the main character can stretch his body like rubber — just think about the countless bonus games you could create with that! Maybe you can have him protecting his friends from cannonballs by punching them out of the sky or something.

Have a bunch of islands that the crew can choose to visit in any order they want, with one island containing One Piece and ending the bonus game, giving you a huge bonus and one island containing Blackbeard once again ending the game, but without the bonus. His movies could be terrifying, but they could also be quirky and hilarious when they wanted, but most importantly, they consistently pushed the boundaries of what could be done with anime and animation in general as a medium.

The theme of the show is how our mind gives our problems physical form, manifesting them and causing us to confront them. At the heart of the story is a young woman named Tsukiko Sagi, who some time ago created a mascot character that has since taken Japan by storm. The character, a small pink dog named Maromi, appears on keychains, posters, toys, and even has his very own TV show.

Pressured by everyone to repeat her success, Tsukiko starts looking for a way to escape… and finds it when, rather conveniently, a young boy on roller skates attacks her in a parking lot, giving her an excuse to take a few weeks off. Naturally, the detectives assigned to the case are skeptical of the existence of such an attacker, until a second victim reports being struck by a young boy on rollerskates.

Then a third, a fourth and fifth. Is this a mass psychosis, or is something a lot more demented and mysterious going on? My favorite episode is when the members of a chatroom decide to meet up in order to commit suicide together, except one of them turns out to be a little girl, so the whole episode becomes about them trying to bring her to the authorities while pretending to be searching for a suicide spot.

For the next few blog posts, I decided to switch things up a bit on the blog! At the end of the day, while 80s anime had a certain charm to it, anime from the last 10 years is also pretty darn great! It manages to take a setup that is so utterly depressing and make the best of it, because the characters choose to make the best of it. The drama comes naturally, but the comedy is enforced by your typical wacky character archetypes the normal guy protagonist, the shy, quirky romantic interest, the tsundere, the aloof superior, the womanizer — you know the drill doing typical wacky things.

It sounds like a weird, even inappropriate contrast, except it really, really works! In order to prevent this from happening, units known as Terminal Services retrieve Giftias shortly before their expiration date, by erasing their memories and OS, essentially killing them and then recycling their body to be used for a reinstalled OS — though the new Giftia will have a significantly different personality and no memories of his or her past life.

One of those people is Tsukasa Mizugaki, a high school student who flunked his final exams because he developed appendicitis.

I was often surprised about just how much I laughed, considering the overall rather depressing setting. The characters are all funny and memorable, including the regular cast and the side characters that they encounter during their retrieval missions.

I really loved how, in merely 13 episodes, we were able to examine realistically just how many uses society would potentially have for human-like robots.

Honestly, the whole retrieval aspect of the anime was the most interesting part for me, personally, but for better or for worse in the latter half of the series that takes a backseat to the romance between Isla and Tsukasa. I love it when games do that! Aside from story mode, you can play in a variety of tournaments and extra battles, against the AI or against your friends.

The standard gameplay is the same — do some combos to fill up a meter at the bottom of the screen, then unleash special attacks while trying to avoid an opponent trying to do the same. Sometimes, all we need is a faithful adaptation of a beloved storyline and some awesome sequences!

What do you think is the hottest manga right now? That actually ended last year. How popular is it? Well, take a look at this chart of the best-selling manga in Even so many years after its inception, the series is still going as strong as it always has while other manga series have slowly dimmed away until nobody even cared about them. Second, its themes and characters are timeless. A lot and I do mean a LOT of mangas lose their steam after the first few arcs.

It never feels like the writer has ran out of ideas. They do mind bloated ones, though. And on that note I shall leave you, dear reader! I do, however, quite like slots. Oh, and also both of them suck bad. Neither has anything to do with the source material outside of a few pictures.

They have wildly inappropriate music and are very bare-bones, meaning that they lack any sort of cool bonus features or bonus games.

So what the hell? As I mentioned in my previous article , Saint Seiya was pretty heavily inspired by another manga named Hokuto no Ken which came out in and ran for five years. Written by Yoshiyuki Okamura better known by his penname Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara, Hokuto no Ken , also known as Fist of the North Star in English, became one of the biggest pop culture phenomena to ever come out of Japan.

In its homeland, it single-handedly started a revolution of martial arts mangas with over the top attacks and manly protagonists, with certain works inspired by this genre, such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece still enjoying immense success.

While Hokuto was inspired by the American Mad Max movies, especially the second one, it has gone on to influence them, with the newest one, Mad Max: Fury Road feeling more like a Hokuto no Ken movie without any martial arts than like an actual Mad Max movie. Now, 30 years after the original manga was first published, new projects bearing the name continue to be made.

But that wave was started by Hokuto — while there have been violent martial arts manga before, it was Hokuto that solidified the genre. How come so many people fell in love with it? Sure, it was good, but there have been plenty of great manga over the years, and very few have endured the way Hokuto has. What is its secret? No way that can ever go anywhere!

Most, if not all animal species have been extinct, large areas are heavily irradiated, and resources such as food, gasoline or even water have become commodities. In order to survive, some have formed small communities in which they attempt to grow their own food on the mostly useless soil, while others have regressed to their most primal instincts and have become hunters, scavengers and bandits with their own societies which are more like small armies that pillage whatever they come across.

Sure, he can make your head explode with a punch, but he has never been defined by his fighting ability, and Hokuto wants you to know it. While we do see the results of one of his rampages, we never see him actually fighting anyone. Instead, we see him stumble into a village exhausted and dehydrated. Mistaking him for a bandit, the villagers quickly lock him up alongside an actual bandit — Bat, a young boy who grew up in the midst of the apocalypse and had to learn to survive in it.

When Bat attempts to assault their warden — an 8 year old mute girl by the name of Rin, who was trying to bring them some water — Kenshiro not only refuses to help him, but actually pushes a pressure point on his arm to make him let go of Rin. Soon afterwards, we see him use his knowledge of pressure points to cure Rin of her muteness. Soon enough, the village is attacked by bandits who plan to steal its resources and do other despicable things.

While Bat is desperately trying to reach the keys dropped by Rin, Kenshiro simply stands up, walks up to the bars and… Pulls them open, going through them. But when push comes to shove, Kenshiro is perfectly willing to bend said rules for the common good. He finds the bandits and, naturally, quickly and easily dispatches of each of them, except for their leader, whom he hits several times over different parts of his body in quick succession.

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