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I counted the different aspects in effect for about 20 wins that I had which occurred during the course of about of my gambling sessions, mainly in horse-racing. Gambling is very specifically a 5 th house matter. Get your full detailed vedic horoscope with 10 years prediction,numerology report,lucky gemstone report and love compatiblity report for just Rs or 10 USD. Just because you've had luck in the past doesn't mean you can predict when you'll have luck again in the future. To calculate your Secondary Progressions, which are equally, if not, more powerful, you need an astrology program or an Ephemeris a free set of tables comes with this program to find out the approximate date of the progression. However, having said all this, I agree with the many astrologers who say that hard aspects can help cause big wins. If the lord of the 2 nd is in the 2 nd , 5 th , 9 th or the 11 th , it is a sure sign that the person will be wealthy at some stage in his life.

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However, I will present a few ideas and then make some suggestions for further exploration. Gambling is very specifically a 5 th house matter. The 5 th house rules all forms of gambling and speculation as well as children, creativity, and love affairs.

The most obvious place to look, of course, is the 5 th house itself, and any planets that may reside there. Jupiter in the 5 th house would probably be an indication that the individual enjoys 5 th house activities which could include gambling.

Saturn in the 5 th house, on the other hand, would tend to indicate that gambling would not be considered responsible. Next, I would look at the ruler s of the 5 th house, including the ruling planet, the almuten, and the triplicity rules of the degree of the 5 th house cusp.

When a planet is well-dignified, we can generally assume that it will behave itself. A retrograde planet is acting contrary to its nature and generally behaving badly.

In horary charts about missing objects, a retrograde planet in an angular house frequently represents the thief who stole the missing item. A peregrine planet is damaged in some way. These types of interpretations, however, are not helpful when looking at a natal chart because individuals are able to grow and evolve with their charts. Do you have a theory about a gambling signature in a chart?

This program, developed by the late Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough enables researches to test their theories by searching for specific signatures or combinations of signatures over large groups of charts. In order for the study to be valid, of course, you still must have a significant number of valid charts and an equally significant number of valid charts in the control group.

The AstroDatabank program comes with an extensive chart database, however, which will get you off to an excellent start. I used only my own data since I am absolutely sure of my birth details as well as the exact dates and amounts I won. The Transits to my Natal Planets were as follows: THAT is my "winning format". Any 2 of the 4 planet combinations pay off for me along with Asc and MC. It is the Kepler grid and an absolutely "correct" time on my cellphone that dictates the combinations.

I am aware of Joyce Wehrman's strategy of focusing mainly on the conjunctions, squares and oppositions the daily chart makes to your natal chart. Her approach uses the Koch house system and requires, as she says, birth times that are "gnat-eye" accurate to calculate the exact times these aspects are made. I agree with her observations regarding the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 9th houses and aspects made to planets in those houses and their ruling planets.

This has to be partly true, since this is how astrology works at a minor level, but if this was totally true, you and everyone else would be able to win money consistently every day. I disagree with this approach when it comes to aspects involved in larger wins, which are definitely fired by more powerful astrological conditions than aspects as they form as the daily chart turns its full revolution once a day. You only have to study the charts, progressions and transits of Lois Rodden's list of lotto winners to confirm this.

Sextiles, trines and conjunctions form the overwhelming basis over 90 percent of aspects on the date of their big lotto wins. These aspects are invariably a combination of secondary progressions, primary directions solar arc as well as transits to both natal and progressed planets. If you study these charts you will see that this is largely indisputable. However, when you look at wins in hindsight, you will notice that the exact moment of a big win was usually fired by at the moment of such aspects, but if you only look at daily aspects and not the bigger picture, you will probably lose as much money as I did when trying to get this method to work for me before giving up on it.

However, having said all this, I agree with the many astrologers who say that hard aspects can help cause big wins. There have been many examples of this with big lotto winners, even Saturn exactly square a person's natal Mercury.

An example of this in my case was my best win to date which occurred when Neptune was exactly opposite my natal Mars. But I do believe that these merely assist the action of major progressions and transits to both progressed and natal planets. For those interested, here is a summary of Lois Rodden's tips on winning big with astrology. You can use any astrology program to quickly give you a list of the progressed planet Secondary Progression influences in your life.

This basically gives you a picture of your life-story, the 'big picture', in terms of the influences of your secondary progressions. All you have to do to get this list is to run your transits for the first, say, 90 days of your life. You can use this or any transit calculating program to do this. So, if you were born on the 15th of January, , simply get the program to calculate your full - use this option transits from that date for 90 days, up to approximately the 15th April, This will give you a good indication of the major periods in your life up to age Treat each day as a year following your birth.

Naturally, ignore the transiting planets that 'conjunct themselves' on the days following your birth-date. The lucky days program includes progressed planet and progressed moon reports in its free demo mode. I've looked quite closely at aspects to midpoints at the times of wins and my conclusion is, although they are definitely active at these times, there are often quite important ones that are badly aspected at the same times.

They seem to add to the aspects but don't seem to inhibit wins in any noticeable manner. If you know the exact aspects the Moon is making to your planets you will actually feel the bit of luck kick in just before the aspect becomes exact, but after going into this quite deeply I feel that there is just not enough power in the Moon to make a day a winning one, even if you have a few good transits on that day.

Also, bear in mind that my records show that any aspect from the Moon can sometimes fire off a lucky day when you do have one. For example, at the exact time of the outcome of my best win in , the Moon exactly squared my natal Uranus.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was feeling rather upset at the time of the win. I was still live in a Pick-6 ticket with one race to go. I had 6 horses running for me in that leg. I noticed that an unproven horse was getting heavily backed, so covered my ticket by taking it to win with the field in a trifecta taken twice.

The Pick 6 was paying a minimum of R34 on the favorite. My horses came 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, and all I won was the trifecta twice. Feeling very unlucky and despondent, I heard them announce that the Place Accumulator had paid R I remembered I was still in twice and had taken the ticket ten times.

I quickly worked out that that ticket was now worth R25 , which made me feel quite a bit better. Still, the message here is, if you only play when the Moon is in good aspect you might miss out on a winning day entirely. I have spent the last couple of years working closely with some professional gamblers, mainly poker and roulette. They like to gamble more often than the dates recommended by the software.

Still, it is somewhat frustrating and does not seem to be as effective as following the 'beak' days where there is a discharge of fortunate energy after the termination of a final bad transit.

So, after 20 years of testing, the theory still holds water and I use it myself all the time. I am still way ahead and still win a lot more than I lose.

I have seen several sites try and sell lucky days in the past few years, all attempting to use this method, and all closing down within a year or two. Betting by transit activity alone is not very impressive. Looking back at my records, it is clear that good aspects to the MC and Node are definite payers, especially those from Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in that order.

However, over the past few weeks Feb I've had good aspects from Venus and Jupiter to my MC, so bet confidently on four occasions 3 horses, 1 casino , only to lose each time. All I can say at this stage is that statistically they do pay quite frequently and should be followed, but cannot be relied upon on their own. It seems they must be backed-up by other good transits or progressions at the same time.

To date, most of my best wins came when the Sun was in the first half of my 2nd and 5th houses. The win was in most cases bigger than normal for me if there was a good progressed Moon aspect to my birthchart at the same time. The two best progressed Moon aspects for me have been conjunct Uranus in my 3rd while the Sun was a few degrees into my 2nd, and trine Neptune in my 5th when the Sun was approaching the cusp of my 2nd house. My second biggest win occurred when the Sun was a few degrees into my 5th house.

After using my own software for well over a decade now I can add that I have repeatedly won relatively large amounts when the Sun has moved a week or two into my 2nd and 5th houses Placidus.

Look for good transits around those periods and fire away, you may be pleasantly surprised. You don't have to wait so long for progressed moon aspects, and, sure as daylight, along with the bad aspects, they bring lucky days, new jobs, friends, romance and good things into your life as well.

Follow your progressed moon and step up your betting activity around the dates of the good aspects it makes. You can open them with NotePad. Watch what happened on Dave Gorman's two lucky days Day 6 and Real Astrology, Gambling and Luck As you probably already know, progressions and solar arcs of the Midheaven, Ascendant, planets and moon are a better indication than transits of the really big payouts.

It is the daily planetary transits that will give the near-exact date of a "lucky day" operating under the influence of a benevolent progressed aspect. Large payouts occur when transits usually benevolent aspects from the slower-moving planets coincide with natal and benevolent progressed planet and sometimes the moon positions.

Free Horoscopes by Astrodienst. If you draw each transit as a semi-circle above or below a horizontal line: Note that you should use the traditional one degree orbs for this, but I do have examples of it working for two degree orbs.

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