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A Costly Lesson from a Wild Game. Send a private message to Wizard And the seniors event too. Send a private message to anomalistic. Originally Posted by tobikosan This used to be my favorite mid range buy-in series. Find Threads Started by Leslieweizen. Here is one good reason why

$540 No-Limit Hold'em

$165 No-Limit Hold'em

The tournament structures are good nothing special, but nothing horrible There's next to nothing to do in Pendleton tiny town other then like 2 bars, or the casino. But it's worth driving to for the weekend or something if you're close and just want to play some poker. This used to be my favorite mid range buy-in series. Roland waters who ran it and made it so just retired. The tournie rake was minimal and now its not even listed on the brochure.

I left many messages for Jeremy, the new director to return my call on structures etc and he never did so. Things seem to be changing little by little away from being in player's favor and more so for casino. Just changed my ticket. Gonna skip it this year and go play Grand Sierra events in Reno.

I rather like this series a lot more now that they've upped the stacks to 10k. The structure was questionable last year but we bitched at one of the floor people for a good few hours during a tournament and he bitched back the next day after "staying up all night fixing the structure" but it was worth it.

Still, just a nostalgic place for us, a lot of us had our first big live cashes there when we were and it's an eerily fun place for a small mostly empty town. They did just revamp the hotel, added a theater too. Originally Posted by integratyper Originally Posted by tobikosan. I wasn't planning on going because it looked like weren't adding any money this time, but their website now says: That makes it worth it to drive out there.

I will be going again for the whole thing. I'm pissed they are not gona give away free trips to the winners anymore,that was always fun to shoot for Anyone gonna be baller and get there new master suite??? See you all there. So was talking to someone that's close with the series and he says he thinks there is trips They are adding 50k total which isn't HUGE but with smaller fields it's substantial.

Not to mention the fields are really soft. I'm going to play the ladies event though, we did previously. And the seniors event too. Any info on the structures? Their website does not show it and this info would be very helpful. I know in the past they have skipped key levels, which really sucks, especially when levels are only 30 min for most events. Please post if you get any structure info. Plenty of people in Portland are all abuzz about it. I don't understand, other than the nostalgia factor.

Travel, food, and lodging for a week in Pendelton is about the same price as a week in Vegas. The Venetian Deepstack, running simultaneously, is such a better series it isn't even close. Since I play poker with the intention of making money, I don't see why anyone would choose Pendelton over Vegas.

To be fair, I don't play cash, so that might be a good deciding factor. Still, people like to party with their friends, maybe the fun of seeing all the Portland and NW players together makes the so-so tournaments worthwhile. Most of the people who play in my room are planning their trips to Wildhorse with excitement. Originally Posted by allin4flush. Originally Posted by Coug MJ. Originally Posted by Seattleallstar. Originally Posted by FireworKKing. Originally Posted by ifucankeepit.

Originally Posted by AngryDux. Originally Posted by benjammin Originally Posted by Johnnybmoto. Susie Isaacs was directly to my left during event 4. She ended up busting me too. Is anyone going to this years fall roundup? Anyone still go to these? BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Fall poker round up WildHorse Pendleton, Oregon http: Send a private message to MattElsarelli.

Find More Posts by MattElsarelli. Find Threads Started by MattElsarelli. Fall poker round up WildHorse Pendleton, Oregon bump, no one is going? Send a private message to Johnnybmoto.

Find More Posts by Johnnybmoto. Find Threads Started by Johnnybmoto. Fall poker round up WildHorse Pendleton, Oregon worst place on planet earth. Send a private message to DavidTth. Find More Posts by DavidTth. Find Threads Started by DavidTth. Send a private message to benjammin Find More Posts by benjammin Find Threads Started by benjammin Send a private message to Seattleallstar. Find More Posts by Seattleallstar. Find Threads Started by Seattleallstar.

Fall poker round up WildHorse Pendleton, Oregon I think there's great live action most of the time during the round-up. Send a private message to anomalistic. Find More Posts by anomalistic. Find Threads Started by anomalistic. Send a private message to low80elco. Find More Posts by low80elco. Find Threads Started by low80elco. Fall poker round up WildHorse Pendleton, Oregon hmmmm i think im going.

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